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The Aboriginal Dreamtime and Bushtucker Tour is the longest-established indigenous culture tour in Alice Springs. Guests are invited to meet with members of the Central Desert Warlpiri Aborigines and learn about their unique culture. Your tour guide will explain how these hardy people survived and even thrived in what is one of the harshest desert environments in the world. Meet with the Aborigines in their camp and marvel as they demonstrate their skills as artists. (You may even wish to purchase your own piece of art, direct from the artist.) See the wide range of weaponry used by the Warlpiri people for both hunting and gathering food as well as fighting and more utilitarian uses such as digging for honey ants and witchetty grubs. In fact you will be invited to learn about the variety of food (bushtucker) found in the desert and you may even like to sample a real live witchetty grub or some medium-rare kangaroo tail. You will also be invited to enjoy some real billy tea and damper, cooked over the coals. This is a unique opportunity to experience Australian Aboriginal culture in an authentic desert environment.

Tour types:
Half Day or Less