Let expert guides give you an insight into the region's unique landscapes and wildlife, and get the most out of your visit to the Red Centre.

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Alice Springs Desert Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Those who seek a deeper understanding of Central Australia's rich ecosystem and varying landscapes should consider signing up for a nature tour. Several operators arrange tours from Alice Springs, and are led by expert guides who provide a highly informative account of the natural surroundings. They can also organise tours to ensure you see the region's unique wildlife, and allow you to get the most out of your visit to the Red Centre.

Guided by nature

Not only do nature-based tours offer the convenience of having everything organised, (not to mention stop you from getting lost in the bush), but they're perfect for those wanting to get more detailed information on the habitats they're exploring. Learn the finer details of the MacDonnell Ranges and the surrounding regions and get to know the various plant species, insects and other aspects of nature's life cycle that you might otherwise miss.

To make the experience more enriching, arrange an indigenous guide to explore the MacDonnell Ranges or Finke Gorge. Based in Alice Springs, either Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre or AAT Kings can provide further insight to the land passed on from generations of knowledge. A general background on how Aboriginal culture utilises aspects of nature will be explained, as well as tales on how it was created from the Dreamtime.

Kangaroos and dingoes

Central Australia is a great location for those interested in Australia's unique wildlife, and a guided tour is a great way to see them. Specialist guides tailor-make tours to show you desert animals such as the red kangaroo, small marsupials, dingoes and reptiles. Otherwise the Alice Springs Desert Park provides a close-up encounter of most species found in Central Australia.

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