Visit a gold rush ghost town hidden in the East MacDonnell Ranges, or spend a day wandering through an historic telegraph station from the 1800s.

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Alice Springs Telegrah Station, Northern Territory, Australia

Did you know there's a gold rush ghost town still standing after 80 years? You'll find it in the East MacDonnell Ranges. And what about an old telegraph station that was the link between Darwin to Adelaide in the late 1800s? It's now an historical reserve and a great place to while away an afternoon.

Early explorers

For the adventure historian, there are 4WD tours of historic explorer routes and sites of pioneer settlement. Follow the path of explorer John McDouall Stuart, which takes in the Old Owen Springs Station, Tennant Creek, and the telegraph station.

On the wire

Discover the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve, featuring original buildings that have been restored and filled with artefacts from the early 1900s. The telegraph line stretched from Darwin to Adelaide and was considered one of the great feats of modern engineering at the time.

Museums and precious stones

Gemtree, the site of the Centralian gem fields has local guides ready to take you through the history of early pastoralists. Learn about the daily lives of the mica miners and explore the old diggings.

The Museum of Central Australia, located in the Araluen Cultural Precinct, has a range of exhibits and informative tours on offer. Download the audio tour and learn about the history of the landscape, from the mega fauna fossils to the Alcoota waterhole. The museum is also home to the Strehlow Research Centre, one of the country's most important collections relating to indigenous ceremonial life.

Alice Springs is the perfect blend of ancient and recent history and will add a rich texture to your Red Centre trip. Choose from local guided tours or make up your own and track down the many historic sites.

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